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  1. The best part of our Costa Rica trip was Henry! I can’t even begin to explain everything he did for us. The basics: he knows Gunacaste VERY well, extremely safe driver, speaks great English, is punctual AND everywhere we went people knew him. We used henry for two airport transfers, a riverboat tour, and a combo tour. He was always concerned about is having a good time by avoiding highly touristy times or areas, knowing local secrets, and ensuring you have exactly the trip you want. In Costa Rica, a turismo like Henry is one of the best jobs to have but yoi can tell he does it because he LOVES his country, his culture, and showing others about it. Henry is beyond fair with pricing and money exchange- his mentality about it is very comforting. We ran out of cash once so he paid for our beers. He bought us waters without asking. And he said to us, “some people will save 2-3 years just to come to Costa Rica so I want to make sure they are spending their money seeing the best parts of Costa Rica and not by overpaying for services.” -Sara from Colorado

  2. Henry was absolutely the best! We never had to worry about transportation our entire trip. We told him what days we wanted to do the different tours and Henry took care of the rest. He also took care of our transportation to and from the airport. Henry is very knowledgeable! He was always eager to answer any of our questions about Costa Rica. Whether it was about Costa Rican culture or a great place to have lunch/dinner in Tamarindo. Henry definitely made our trip much more enjoyable and hassle free!

  3. What a wonderful company!! Henry was nothing but first class and absolutely took care of myself and my family. Nothing was ever a problem and we used TripNTaxi multiple times and would recommend it to anyone who wants ease of mind and convienance. Thank you Henry, I’ll definitely be looking to use you again in the future! Pura Vida

  4. My new amigo Henry provided reliable and safe transportation for our family of 5 to and from the Liberia airport. He speaks english very well and offered information about Costa Rica and the Tamarindo area when asked, including the all of the tours in the area. He always arrived a little earlier than the arranged time and catered to our every wish from stopping at grocery stores to added destinations after a tour. We will definitely use his services on our future visits to the Tamarindo area.

  5. Sara H. From Colorado expressed it perfectly. Henry is great! He molded our tour to do what we wanted. Went out of his way to make it more interesting and fun. You can trust him. He really wants you to enjoy your stay here. Would absolutely recommend him for lining up your tours and rides.

  6. We had Henry drive us to the airport on our last day. We truly wished we had met him on day one!! This is a person who is passionate and very happy, doing what he is doing. His English is perfect and he knows more about Tamarindo and Costa Rica than you can imagine. And what a sense of humour. If we could start our 2 weeks over again and had access to Henry I would sit him down for an hour, an pay him for the hour, to consult about all the things we needed to know. For example, we like to BBQ and eat at the condo from time to time and the only 2 stores we could find out about (even asking some folks that had been there awhile) were so overpriced it was truly ridiculous. He knows the best restaurants and tours and the list goes on. We know this now but it took us 2 weeks to get the same information and had found a few duds a long the way. Overall the restaurants are great!!
    We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Henry’s services for anyone heading to Tamarindo, Costa Rica. There were 6 of us on the trip and were are from Ottawa, Canada. For any Canadians heading to Tamarindo be prepared to pay about 30% more on food (not including the 30% CDN to US/Colognes exchange). Still wonderful place to visit and felt very safe the entire time. Very cool little, laid back downtown.

    Awesome job Henry. You brightened our last day and enlightened to the world of Costa Rica.

  7. We enjoyed Henry’s company for the riverboat tour. It was our best day yet. We learned more about Costa Rica in this short trip than in our week stay to date. I would recommend Henry and tripntaxi to everyone

  8. Today we had Henry for our tour guide to the Palo Verde River cruise. Henry was so nice and very easy to talk with. He was quite fluent in English, he was extremely knowledgeable about the entire area, history, customs, each town, trees, birds, deer iguanas etc…… He was very accommodating saying” anything you see that you want a picture of just say and I will stop,” We definitely saw all the wildlife we anticipated seeing because the guides were so experienced in knowing how to find them.
    We highly recommend Henry as a guide, you will not be disappointed

  9. Henry was amazing! We booked an Airbnb house that was about 15 minutes out of Tamarindo. We had a group of 6 for a friend’s wedding. I contacted him for transportation for the group & he was friendly, fair, & always punctual. We ended up using him as our personal taxi service/concierge for the whole week. If he couldn’t pick us up, he would send an associate to do it. And our friends even did tours with him to see different beaches. Our rental home was very difficult to find & Henry made sure that he & his associates could locate it easily. Can’t say enough good things! Thanks Henry!!!

  10. Henry was great! He was on time and extremely courteous. The WiFi in the van was also great, I got to watch my Falcons lose the Superbowl while riding to our rental house. I have recommended him to friends traveling to the area and will be using his services again later this year. During our trip we changed our departure time and Henry was very flexible with our changes. He even drove us by the grocery store to get medicine for my huge hangover headache on our drive back to the airport!

    Great Service, Great Company!

  11. My husband and I traveled to Costa Rica for the first time last week, and were blessed to have Henry as our tour guide. He was always on time and was very informative not only about excursions, but the country all together. He was accommodating with our needs even had wifi in his van if needed (who has that)… he recommended outstanding restaurants, beaches and assisted my husband with a well known cigar vendor (very important). This definitely is not our last trip and Henry influenced that decision. We feel comfortable to know that we now have a friend that we can call on to pick us up whenever we need him and take us places. Henry has affordable prices, accommodating, on time, dependable, bilingual and our new-found friend. Mil gracias Henry nuestro amigo…PURA VIDA!!!!

  12. Henry was our shuttle driver and tour driver. He is still the ever friendliest, well informed, courteous guide.
    We very fortunate to have him. Thanks Henry!

  13. Henry took us on a trip to Playa Avellanas. We highly recommend his service and company. We went there to go surfing and he was so friendly, accommodating, fun, and professional. He was on-time and he has a very nice and clean Van. It also easily fit 5 surfboards. He gave us so many tips about Costa Rica and provides the best customer service. Great guy and great taxi and trip company. We will definitely use Trip N Taxi again. Thanks for a great trip Henry!

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